About Us

FridgeStamps.com is "Regio Gift" fridge magnets manufacturer's online store. "Regio Gift" factory is located in Valencia, Spain. We dedicate ourselves to manufacturing highest quality souvenirs.

We personally design and make all of our products and we personally take great care of quality control.

Highest resolution in the industry !

Highest resolution fridge magnets

Our graphic designs are printed in resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi (3 picoliters) - the highest resolution fridge magnets in fridge magnets' industry !!!

Great range of accurate colors

8 colors fridge magnets superior color to cmyk fridge magnets 

Our magnets are shinier, more vivid and transmit greater range of colors than other's fridge magnets - 99% of photo magnets are printed in 4 colors (CMYK) but our magnets are printed in 8 colors, that is why we can produce more accurate colors.

Patented designs

We offer wide selection of fridge magnets of different countries and cities in the world.

Magnet designs are patented in all European countries, USA, Russia and other countries. All photos are copyrighted.

Original Patented Fridge Magnets


We ship worldwide. International shipping and handling is $1.59. Free shipping if you buy 2 or more!

Please allow between 2-7 working days for your order to arrive depending on your location. If more than 15 days have passed please contact us to review the status of your order. Refunds will be handled through email if necessary.

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