Strong Fridge Magnet - Malaga - Espetos

Malaga - Espetos

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In Malaga, an “espeto” refers to 6 fresh sardines skewered and cooked over a pit of coals. Grilling fish over open fires has been around in Malaga since the time of the Phoenicians. It was common for fishermen to grill themselves a quick meal just after returning from the sea. They would build a small fire in their boats and carefully grill the fish over the hot embers. That is why you will see espetos being grilled over old fishing boats along the sand.

Our Advantages:

  • Outstanding picture quality - highest resolution fridge magnets in the world!
  • Durable and UV resistant - does not crack or fade in the sun;
  • Patented unique design

Magnet options:

  • Strong - can hold multiple notes, photos etc., durable;
  • Flexible - flat, for decoration purposes.

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