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Alicante - Galleon "Santisima Trinidad"

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The ship in Alicante harbour is an exact replica of the "Santisima Trinidad". The real "Santisima Trinidad" was launched in 1769 in the Habana (Cuba) navy yard. At that moment, the ship was known as "Escorial" and was the biggest and most armed vessel in the world.

The "Santisima Trinidad" took part in a lot of decisive historical events. The galleon was the Spanish flagship in July 1779 during the American War of Independence when Spain and France declared war against the British to support North America. It was also part of the missions in the English Channel later on in 1780, the ship helped to capture an English convoy formed from 66 vessels. Two years later it was incorporated into the so called Mediterranean Squad and fought in the Espartel's Cape.

However, the ship is famous for its tragic end in 1805 during the Battle of Trafalgar. After massive fight, the ship was finally siezed by the English in awful conditions with huge structural damage and the loss of 200 men. The English fleet tried hard to save the Spanish ship by taking it to their port in Gibraltar. However, their efforts were in vain as it finally sank 25 miles off the coast.

That sinking was the beginning of the end of Spanish power on the seas. Nowadays, the greatest and most powerful warship of the 18th Century lies at the bottom of the sea but the exact replica is harboured in Alicante.

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