Alicante - Port of Alicante

Alicante - Port of Alicante

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The promenade Explanada de España, lined by palm trees, is paved with 6.5 million marble floor tiles creating a wavy form and is one of the most lovely promenades in Spain. For the people of Alicante, the promenade is the meeting place for the traditional Spanish paseo, or stroll along the waterfront in the evenings, and a venue for outdoor musical concerts.

Amongst the most notable features of the city are the Castle of Santa Bárbara (top right), which sits high above the city, and the port of Alicante.

Known as “Casa Carbonell” or “Carbonell House” (pictured left) and standing at Number 1 on the Explanada de España esplanade, is one of the most striking buildings in Alicante. The building bears testimony to the wealth of Alcoy textiles manufacturers during World War I.

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