Ibiza - Cala Vadella beach

Ibiza - Cala Vadella beach

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Cala Vadella is a small cove and beach resort the western seaboard of the Spanish island of Ibiza.

The main beach at Cala Vedella is at the eastern end of a small hooked cove that sits amongst pine wood topped cliffs. The north side of the cover juts out to a small headland called Es’ Torraci which itself has a small inlet on it north side with a small satellite beach called Sa Torrasa. In the inlet there are several fishmans slipways which give easy access to the sea. On the southern side of the inlet there is another small beach which was once home to an illegal bar come nightclub, long since closed but the concrete remnants of the dance floor still remain near the water and makes an ideal spot for sunbathing. The main beach is made of fine white sand and ideal for families with small children. Behind the beach the small resort is made up of villas and low rise hotels and apartments. There is also a large range of services which include a selection of bars, restaurants and shops. The water is very shallow close to the beach and its crystal clear water slope very gently, perfect for bathing. To rocky sides to the cove are an ideal environment for snorkelling.

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