Madrid - Twin towers, The Cybele Fountain, The statue of the bear

Madrid - Twin towers, The Cybele Fountain, The statue of the bear

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The Gate of Europe towers (Spanish: Puerta de Europa), also known as KIO Towers (Torres KIO), are twin office buildings in Madrid, Spain. The towers have a height of 114 m (374 ft) and have 26 floors. They were constructed from 1989 to 1996. The Puerta de Europa is the second tallest twin towers in Spain. Also in the picture is Calvo Sotelo Memorial. His murder in 1936, as retaliation of the murder of tenent José del Castillo by a couple of fascists, was the trigger of the coup d’état by Francisco Franco, and the beginning of the Spanish Civil War.  (top left picture)

The statue of the bear and the strawberry tree is a sculpture from the second half of the 20th century, situated in the Spanish city of Madrid. It represents the coat of arms of Madrid and is found on the east side of the Puerta del Sol, between Calle de Alcalá and St. Jerónimo run, in the historical centre of the capital. (right picture)

The fountain of Cybele is named after Cybele, a Phrygian goddess. Her image held aloft signifies the Earth, which "hangs in the air". She is the mother of all, and the yoked lions that draw her chariot show the offspring's duty of obedience to the parent. She herself is uncreated, and thus essentially separate from and independent of her creations.
Calvo Sotelo Memorial. (bottom left picture)

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