Strong Fridge Magnet - Malaga - Malagueta, Espetos, Cenachero

Malaga - Malagueta, Espetos, Cenachero

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La Malagueta (top left) beach gets its name from the city centre neighbourhood, La Malagueta. With its dark sand it is fine for a days sunbathing and it also has a playground for children to enjoy themselves, making it an ideal beach for families.

El Cenachero (right) is a bronze sculpture created by Málaga artist Jaime Fernández Pimentel in 1968 which represents a typical and traditional figure of Málaga, the "Cenachero" or Fish Vendor. In the past young men would bring their baskets of fish and sell them on the streets. Cenacheros take their name from the “cenachos” which are the two baskets they carried the fish in.

Espetos (bottom left) - in Malaga, an “espeto” refers to 6 fresh sardines skewered and cooked over a pit of coals. Grilling fish over open fires has been around in Malaga since the time of the Phoenicians.

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